Company Overview

Illumio enables organizations to realize a future without high-profile breaches by providing visibility, segmentation, and control of all network communications across any data center or cloud. Founded in 2013, the world’s largest enterprises, including Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Salesforce, and Oracle NetSuite trust Illumio to reduce cyber risk. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

Product: Illumio ASP

Illumio ASP provides visibility into the connectivity between workloads across heterogeneous compute environments, generates optimal security segmentation policies based on how workloads communicate, and programs the native stateful enforcement points in each host to enforce applicable firewall rules.

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Product: Illumio Edge

All of your employees have a laptop. We’re more connected than ever. And a ransomware or malware attack on a single endpoint can move laterally to hundreds or thousands of endpoints in no time. Illumio Edge is the only way to contain ransomware and malware to a single endpoint – even if it hasn’t been detected yet. It will be your endpoint security force multiplier.

With easy cloud-based deployment and a lightweight agent that follows the user, Illumio Edge makes use of existing host firewalls to enforce security on endpoints. This all starts with a different approach to segmentation – at an architectural level. Illumio Edge is not tied to your network. This foundation eliminates the limitations and challenges of network-based segmentation.

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