Kapalya empowers organizations to detect, prevent and remediate ransomware on endpoints/mobile/clouds/servers/databases, in real-time, using AI/ML. In addition, our technology encrypts files/folders at-rest and in-transit, enables end-to-end encrypted file sharing and recovers 100% of data with 0% data leakage, if breached by ransomware.

Meet Kapalya: Your New Encryption Management Platform

Ransomware is one of the biggest cyber threats globally – costing organizations billions of dollars.

This global problem has only gained momentum during the COVID pandemic. That’s why our Cybersecurity company, Kapalya, has developed innovative solutions for businesses to proactively prevent and eradicate ransomware. 

Confidential Files, Always Encrypted

Kapalya empowers businesses and their employees to securely store sensitive files at-rest and in-transit across multiple platforms through a user-friendly desktop and mobile application. This ubiquitous encryption solution protects all your corporate data by seamlessly encrypting files on:

  • End-points computers/mobile devices
  • Corporate servers and public cloud providers
  • Users who have the ability to share encrypted files across multiple cloud platforms.
  • Integrated with Box, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Google Drive.

The EMP is endpoint and cloud-agnostic, protecting users’ files and folders inside and outside of organizational perimeters, on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, cloud storage and local file servers.

With a built-in data discovery and classification tool, users can scan over 250 file types on laptops and desktops to find files that contain sensitive information. Once these sensitive data files are discovered, they can be encrypted with a simple click of the mouse.

Advanced Ransomware Countermeasures (ARC) Solution

Advanced Ransomware Countermeasure (ARC) inoculation follows a systematic approach, on endpoints, mobile, cloud, servers, databases, network storage, in real-time. 

  1. ARC detects ransomware payloads or packets at the network and device levels. If any are found, we immediately alert SIEM systems, security administrators, central command, and control computers.
  2. ARC can stop zero-day ransomeware attacks on the infected system and notify all other computers, servers, cloud storage, mobile device and network storage system. ARC will isolate the infected system and take it off-line to prevent further propagation and infection across the LAN/WAN/INTERNET

  3. After the infected system has been quarantined and isolated, then remediation algorithms will start. Using ARC’s distributed AI algorithms, all ransomware processes will be blocked and terminated from the system’s memory, infected files/folders deleted and active memory purged to eradicate the ransomware/malware
  1. If the ransomware/malwareis known, then ARC’s AI algorithms will self-heal the infected system based on prior knowledge and information. If the ransomware/malware is a zero-day exploit that has never seen before, ARC’s ML algorithms will activate, add that to its database of new exploits and capture it for further analysis.

  1. If all of the above fails and the ransomware/malware was still able to encrypt and hijack all the data, then Kapalya’s EMP will be used to recover all data. ARC will be ready for beta trials in Q2, 2022 with a shipping product in Q3, 2022.

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